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Revised hours of service for Truckers: A major step taken by Trump Administration

After receiving 8000 public comments on the changes required in the hours of service regulation, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) finally announced updated hours on Thursday. These changed rules were admired by some industry groups while Safety advocates criticized the change, saying it would lead to more fatigue-related crashes. According to the FMCSA, […]

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The pandemic COVID-19 has created a serious issue around the world, whether it is about human life or economic growth, both decreasing with its increasing effect. No business across countries, effecting the economy very badly. The countries growth is degrading, showing no signs of stopping. ” The increasing Coronavirus cases across country disrupting the business […]

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Coronavirus has affected 119 countries and territories so far including one 1 international conveyance (the Diamond Princess cruise ship). The mortality rate has been increased to 3.4% globally, according to the WHO report. Figures showing the current situation for Coronavirus as of 11 March 2020. UK health minister Nadine Dorries tests positive for COVID-19, with total confirmed cases […]

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