Peanut butter helps your weight loss regime

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Peanut butter is a deliciously tasty and nutritionally packed snacking option. It is a staple in many countries and is widely adored around the world. Hordes of people consume peanut butter in many ways and it has proven to be the favourite snack of fitness enthusiasts. With its high protein and fibre content, people who exercise often opt for peanut butter as the ideal pre or post workout snack. It is both filling and tasty. In other words, peanut butter is a superfood.

Although there are many known positives to eating peanut butter, there are some unknown positives to it as well! Many amongst us think that peanut butter is for mass and muscle gain, but not many know that it is a great option for those who want to lose weight. Yes, peanut butter is an effective tool in losing weight. But how? Here are the reasons:

Good Fat

A tablespoonful of peanut butter contains almost 100 calories. But these calories are in the form of mono-unsaturated fats. It is saturated fats on the other hand, which lead to high cholesterol levels and heart diseases. Mono-unsaturated fats like the ones found in nuts have proven to be great for the human body, helping people prevent heart disease, helping with weight loss, and helping battle the risk of obesity.

Doesn’t Spike Blood Sugar

Peanut butter has a low glycemic index, in contrast to some processed foods that have high glycemic indexes. When a food product’s glycemic index is high, it results in the body producing more sugar, which over time could lead to obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes. Always prefer unsweetened peanut butter to sweetened variations for this very reason.

It’s Filling

Due to both its texture and contents, peanut butter is a very filling snack. Peanut butter can help stop cravings that often lead to a person eating another portion. Its high nutritional value also provides essential strength to many bodily processes. If the peanut butter is chunkier, it will be more filling and healthier.

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