How to survive a long-haul flight


Eight hours in a stuffy aircraft cabin might sound like your worst nightmare, but flying long-haul can be a dream with a little preparation and a few home comforts. Follow our 10 survival tips for long flights to emerge refreshed, relaxed and ready to start your holiday when you touch down…

Find comfortable clothes to wear on long flights

This ought to be guaranteed – simply think about an outfit that you’ll be glad to wear following ten hours sat on a plane. Keep in mind, sitting still and being impacted by a ground-breaking aircon framework can get cold, so wearing a few free layers are perfect to alter your temperature as you fly. Spare your adornments for the occasion and pack it in the hold – it’ll just set the cautions off at air terminal security in any case. If there should be an occurrence of crises, shut toed shoes are superior to flip flounders and ensure you don’t wear any footwear that is excessively cozy, as your feet do swell at high elevations.

Reserve a good seat

A standout amongst the most fundamental whole deal flight tips is to think ahead and pick a decent seat, where conceivable. There is an entire science about it, as any individual who’s perused our decisions about the ideal carrier seat will know (it’s 6A, in the event that you were pondering). In any case, you can simply adhere to a couple of straightforward guidelines:

  • On the off chance that you need more extra space to move around, settle on leave lines
  • In the event that you need to abstain from crying kids, avoid the front of the plane as this is regularly where you’ll discover exceptional arrangement for infants on universal flights
  • In the event that you like to move about the plane (or have fast access to the loos) ensure you get a passageway situate

You may need to hold up until a couple of days before takeoff with certain carriers yet the best exhortation is to get online when check in opens to handpick the precise seats you need.

Prepare yourself for sleep

You’ll be on the plane for what might be compared to an entire day or night, so it merits bringing a couple of whole deal flight fundamentals. Begin with a lightweight cover and put resources into a decent travel cushion to make dozing to a lesser extent a neck ache. Disregard that those other 349 travelers are even there with a decent rest cover and a couple of ear plugs. At long last, slip in some fundamental toiletries, for example, a hand baggage measured toothbrush and toothpaste, and you’ll feel that bit fresher when you land.

Don’t pack too much in your cabin luggage

While a couple of little additional items unquestionably help, downplay things travel-sized and. There’s nothing more upsetting than carrying an extraordinary enormous bag around the boarding territory and attempting fruitlessly to stuff it into the overhead storage spaces, while every other person looks on, tutting. In a perfect world, take one lodge pack and a littler satchel or shoulder sack (where hand things confinements permit) so you can keep your littler basics like water bottle, ear plugs and mp3 player inside simple reach under the seat before you.

Take your own snacks

You’ll get fed on a long-haul flight but it may not be when or even what you’re expecting – travelling through time zones often means you end up with breakfast at dinner time and noodles or curry first thing in the ‘morning’. To stave off any bouts of hunger while you’re waiting for the rattle of the food trolley, stow a few slow-energy release snacks like cereal bars, nuts or dried fruit in your carryon luggage.

Move around the plane

Extending your legs isn’t fundamental for your very own mental stability on a whole deal flight, yet to maintain a strategic distance from the danger of growing profound vein thrombosis (DVT). Keeps the dissemination streaming in your legs by doing delicate activities at your seat, and get up at regular intervals? There may not be anyplace specifically to walk separated from all over the passageways however moving about the plane on occasion is considerably more helpful for getting some solid rest than popping a dozing pill.

Stay hydrated

Flying machine lodges are regularly exceptionally dry spots and the odds of getting to be got dried out are high. Drink a lot of water gradually and routinely and stay away from a lot of tea, espresso and liquor. Bring a container of water locally available on the off chance that you can (it might should be acquired at the air terminal and remain fixed until you’re on the plane in light of fluid limitations). Notwithstanding having an unfilled plastic container in your grasp baggage implies you can store any water the lodge group bring round with the goal that you generally have some to deliver between trolley trips. You may discover your skins influenced as well – bring a little container of cream and take a few eye drops in case you’re inclined to dry eyes.


What better time is there to abandon your cares and just do nothing than a flight? No mobile phone coverage, crew waiting on your every need, someone else is at the wheel… Use the time to catch up on that book you haven’t had the chance to get stuck into, watch a few rom-coms or get excited about your destination by leafing through the guidebook. See those eight/ten/twelve hours as bonus time, and your long flight will immediately become a positive thing rather than a drag.

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