With days, cases of COVID-19 are increasing at a rapid speed which forced The World Health Organization to declare it as a Public Health Emergency. COVID-19 is another member of the Coronavirus family that has never been encountered before. Like other Coronaviruses, it has also come from animals. Started from Wuhan, now it has been spread across 64 countries and territories, most affected Asia continent with 2496 deaths and 85382 infected cases. China is the most populated country of this world and then comes India, where 3 Kerala students from Wuhan infected with COVID-19 leaved quarantine after being cured leaving no case of Coronavirus at present.

But, are we ready to face any outbreak like China or Iran!!

  • How are our preparations?
  • What steps has the Government taken so far?
  • Where to contact if symptoms arise?
  • Are there any old remedies to use for prevention?
  • What lifestyle changes we can do?

These are the basic questions every Indian has in his mind. Let’s discuss these points one by one.

  1. How are our preparations?

Thermal scanners have been installed over 21 airports including Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Kochin, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bengaluru to check for coronavirus.

Two quarantine centers have been installed to isolate any passenger who shows any symptoms of COVID-19. One at Manesar camp, Haryana which is managed by Armed Forces Medical Services and the second one is at Chawla camp in Delhi and is managed by ITBP.

A total of 11 laboratories under the Indian Council of Medical Research’s Viral Research and Diagnostics Laboratories network are equipped to test the samples.

The Drug Controller General of India has granted permission to the Indian Council of Medical Research for the use of a combination of Lopinavir and Ritonavir, which has already been approved for HIV.

b) What steps has the Government taken?

The government has issued an advisory for the protection of Corona Virus using Homoeopathy and symptomatic management using Unani medicines. The ministry recommended using Arsenicum album30

 to treat influenzas like illness. But there is no evidence whether it is an effective drug for COVID-19 or not. The prescription came after the 64th meeting of the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy. The advisory also recommended Unani preventive treatments such as drinking shadang paniya, consuming samshamaniagastya haritaki, and other Unani drugs.

This met with extreme criticism over social media, as there have been no medicines found which can kill this virus and giving people false hope for using unscientific Homoeopathy and Unani medicines created outrage among people. Many replied that instead of providing new healthcare facilities as china did by making a new hospital in ten days for infected people, the Indian government asking to use those medicines which have no material proof in curing or preventing such diseases.

Further, India announced that people traveling to China will be quarantined upon return. India has temporarily suspended visas on arrival for South Korea and Japanese nationals on 27th February.

c)  Where to contact if symptoms arise?

COVID-19 can take up to 2-14 days to develop symptoms that include fever and respiratory illness such as cough or shortness of breath.

In case if anyone have these symptoms, one should stay at home and contact immediately to 01123978046, 24×7 working control room numberissued by the Government of India.

They will direct the case to experts in your area. As per the reports, the most effective by this virus are aged people especially those which have some other bodily problems like diabetes, liver, kidney or heart problems.  

d) Are there any old remedies to use for prevention?

India is known for its traditional medicinal system since ancient sages. Herbs had been found to be effective for curing infection like cold, cough, etc. But is there any herb that can cure an infected person with COVID-19. Well, according to BABA RAMDEV there is a combination of herbs that can be used to cure the infection that includes: Tinospora Cordifolia or GiloyOcimum Sanctum or Tulsi and Turmeric or Haldi. “A juice of these 3 herbs can be used to cure infection because they have the most anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which can make immunity strong and if immunity is strong only then we can protect that person who is infected”, according to BABA RAMDEV. Doing yoga on a regular basis can make a person mentally strong, it can increase immunity to fight against any viral and bacterial infection.   

e) What lifestyle changes we can do?

  • The most important change we can adopt is instead of handshaking use the traditional way Namastey to greet others.
  • Whenever going outside use a mask, it will protect you from touching your nose and mouth again and again, also protect from infected droplets from people suffering from COVID-19.
  • Wash your hands for 20sec with soap before touching yourself and eating. 
  • Don’t let anyone touch you without a proper hand wash.
  • Always keep hand sanitizers with you because you will not find handwash every time.
  • After using transport facilities, cabs and even your private vehicles sanitize your hands.
  • Try to use your elbow while sneezing instead of using your hands.
  • If any viral infections like cold or cough catch you try to keep a distance from your loving ones before a check-up.
  • Don’t use utensils, towels or cups of your family members if you are having any flu. 

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