Paper Bag day and Its Significance

Paper Bag Day and Its Significance

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What is paper bag day?

Every year on the 12th of July world paper bag is celebrated to promote and spread awareness about the use of paper bags instead of plastic ones.

It is to make people aware of the pollution caused by plastic bags and the threat it causes to the environment. Paper bags can easily be used to replace one-time-use plastic bags which is non-biodegradable or, in other words, take hundreds of years to decompose in landfills.



Francis Wolle, who hailed from the United States of America, concocted the main paper pack machine in 1852. Then, at that point, in 1871, Margaret E Knight imagined another paper sack the assembling machine. A level lined paper sack could be created by the machine, which was novel. As the machine filled in prominence, Knight acquired the title of ‘Mother of Grocery Bags.

Because of Charles Stillwell’s creation in 1883, paper sacks with square bottoms and creased sides were additionally brought into the world. Individuals preferred such sacks since they were not difficult to overlay and store.

In 1912, Walter Deubener planned a paper pack with a handle so it very well may be conveyed without any problem. Throughout the long term, the development of paper sacks has gone through a few changes and upgrades. During the 1970s, plastic sacks supplanted paper packs as a less expensive other option.


How to celebrate the day?

​​To celebrate the day, children are encouraged to use paper bags and are informed about the harmful effects of plastics on the environment in schools. Those who buy groceries can use paper sacks to collect/store the items.



Millions of people around the world have stopped using plastic bags and switched to paper bags. However, many people have still been using plastic bags without any concern for the environment. This is the reason why we mark Paper Bag Day on 12 July. The purpose is to raise awareness among the people about its use. Paper bags are an eco-friendly alternative that helps reduce plastic pollution levels.

What are the benefits of using paper bags?

  • Paper bags are 100 percent recyclable and can decompose in approximately a month.
  • These bags are not harmful to pets or other animals in comparison to plastic bags.
  • Since the bags are biodegradable, they can be used to make compost.
  • They are inexpensive.
  • They can help reduce plastic pollution levels and can even be used multiple times, unlike a single-use plastic bag.


 How India’s plastic ban can bring more awareness to the use of paper bags?

The Indian government has implemented a nationwide ban on single-use plastics w.e.f. July 1st, 2022 and prohibits manufacturing, sale, and distribution of the 21 single-use plastic items. More people will be prompted to use paper bags for daily life use instead of plastic bags. This will eventually create more positive effects on the environment.