The media won’t show you about Cadet Amit Raj


We all go through news every day to stay updated about current topics and all the incidents happening around us. But we waste lots of time on junk news like random actor has new style of clothes or random actress is going to be mother etc. People are very curious about their favorite stars and they want to be hero or heroine like them. But do you know who the real hero is Cadet Amit Raj.

On Dec 3, 2020, Cadet Amit Raj of Sainik School Purulia, was jogging around 6 am in his hometown Nalanda in Bihar and he heard some people shouting for help from his neighborhood.

He went on to visit them and saw that the house of his neighbours was on fire and 3 children were trapped in that burning home. Cadet Amit Raj didn’t think twice and he entered the house to save trapped kids.

He managed to save the first two children but sustain 85% of the burns while saving them and he was in no condition to save the third child but he still entered the house and saved the third child too. He had 95% burns on him when he saved the third child.

All the 3 children were saved and Amit Raj was shifted to the nearest hospital immediately later on he was shifted to the Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi.

The Braveheart lost his life on Dec 13, 2020 and not a single media person covered this news.

Cadet Amit Raj was the real hero who lost his life while saving three lives. He will always be remembered for his brave efforts.

Let’s honour him and pay our tribute to this brave soul on social media.