The only positive aspects of COVID-19


A virus that almost brought the world to a complete standstill. COVID-19 has taken millions of lives so far and many are still affected with it. If we have the option to uninstall everything from our life, we would have definitely uninstalled 2020 year from our life. But every incident has two sides, positive and negative. Today we will look at some of its positive aspects of COVID-19 which really helped mother nature to breathe again.

Better health hygiene

Covid-19 has taught us how we can protect ourselves from infectious virus and bacteria. A better hygienic condition – Wash hands regularly, wear mask when go out in public, and keep social distancing.

Decreased air pollution

Due to COVID-19, lockdown was announced results in decrease of harmful gasses level. Many factories were shut down, vehicles were at rest decreased level of CO2, NO2 etc. It also helped ozone layer to grow again. The air was becoming so clear that from Jalandhar the Dhauladhar mountains were clearly visible.

Decreased Water pollution

A time when many aquatic species were at risk of distinction this lockdown helped them to grow again. Many species were returning to their native place. Marine life is very important as it produces 50% – 80% of the oxygen on earth. This is the major positive of COVID-19.


TIME – Yes, that’s enough. Our life has become so busy that finding time for our loved has become really difficult. But what this lockdown did? Gave us time to spend and take care of our family.

New Technologies

Due to lockdown most of the offices and shops were shut down. Due to which government announced work from home options for the companies. Shops integrated with many eCommerce platforms. Institutions, schools also started to take classes online with the help of LMS. Many new technologies were taken into consideration.

Back to herbal

Well it is not sure that taking ayurvedic remedies we can diminish COVID-19 but yes, we can boost our lost immunity. Many people were looking for natural ways to boost their immunity. Some of the natural ways – green tea, Ginger + Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) tea, Giloy (Tinospora Cordifolia) etc.

Wildlife species

With no hunting and poaching animals were free to move in their areas which allowed many wildlife species to come back at their native place. They were free and that’s how they are supposed to live.

But these positive aspects of COVID-19 will not help mother nature for a long time. With every day we are coming more closer to the medicine of COVID-19 virus. Everything will come to normal after some time but what about mother nature??