Part 1: Women Safety in India – Beti Bachao – Really?


India is a country where people worship goddess Durga which symbolizes divine forces and powers to destroy evil powers. She rides over tiger carrying weapons in some hands to kill demons and flowers on the other hands to acknowledge true devotees. India is a place where people worship 9 girls, during Navaratri festival representing 9 forms of Goddess Durga. A place where even earth is worshiped as Goddess.

Still we are in the top of most unsafe countries for women in the world. Why?

Presenting some stats which will depict what is the condition of law and order in the country.

Year-wise crimes reported against women (According to NCRB)

Sr. No Year Criminal
against women
State with highest criminal cases
against women
1. 2017 3,59,849 Uttar Pradesh – 56,011
2. 2018 3,78,277 Uttar Pradesh – 59,445
3. 2019 4,05,861 Uttar Pradesh – 59,853

Years-wise rape cases and cases resolved (According to NCRB)

Sr. No Year Cases Average cases/day
1. 2017 32599 89
2. 2018 33977 91
3. 2019 32033 88

On an average 90 rape cases are recording on daily basis from 2017 till now. According to NCRB in 2018, every 4th victim was a minor with 50% of victims falls under 18-30 age category. (According to NCRB)

Sr. No Year Top 3 states with most cases cases
1. 2017 Madhya Pradesh 5,562
    Uttar Pradesh 4,322
    Rajasthan 3,305
2. 2018 Madhya Pradesh 5,433
    Rajasthan 4,335
    Uttar Pradesh 3,946
3. 2019 Rajasthan 5,997
    Uttar Pradesh 3,065
    Madhya Pradesh 2,485

Most number of cases reported against women are murder, rape, dowry death, suicide abetment, acid attack, cruelty and kidnapping, miscarriage without women’s consent, deaths caused with intent to miscarriage.

According to 2019 data published by NCRB,

  • 27.9% of the crimes against women were cruelty by husband or his relatives.
  • 21.8% assault cases on women with intent to outrage her modesty
  • 17.9% cases of abduction and kidnapping
  • 7.9% rape cases were reported

1 in 3 Indian women are physically, emotionally and sexually abused by their husbands or partners at some points in their lives according to National Family Health Survey. We are at a stage where people kill girl foetus in the womb because they want to face these kinds of situations in future.

It is clearly a warning not a slogan…

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