Ravana inside you

Ravana is still alive!!

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Navratri ends October 24, 2020 and the tenth day is celebrated as Vijayadashami also know as Dussehra. It is one of the most celebrated festivals in India and eternal promise that good will always vanquish evil. The Ravana was believed to be one of the biggest devotees of Lord Shiva. He was scholar of four vedas, a Brahmarakshas, a master of science, a great musician, an excellent warrior, an able king, a great political scientist, antagonist. But his powers made him so egoistic that he felt no one can defeat him not even Lord Shiva. To get rid of the demon Ravana, Lord Vishnu took avatar of Shri Ram and with the help of Lord Hanuman, Sugreev army they captured Lanka. The Lanka was then handed over to the Bhivishan, brother of Ravana. But, Ravana is still alive.


How Ravana is still alive??

Ravana was very evil and has been considered as a symbol of ego. Any bad thought, bad imagination, bad action, feeling of jealousy are different forms of Ravana which are alive in every single person on the earth. People can’t see other’s success, wealth, big house, a big car and enjoy when the same person going through bad time. Ravana is alive inside you:

  • If you can’t stand for truth
  • If you break trust
  • if you don’t respect your elders or younger
  • If don’t stand against injustice
  • if you support bribery
  • If you show your powers over weak
  • If you discriminate over caste or colour     
  • If you ignore those who helped you in your hard times
  • If money is everything for you
  • If you don’t respect females

Ravana was killed by Shri Ram but how can we kill this Ravana which is inside us??

This Ravana is even more dangerous and has destroyed many lives and still destroying. You have to diminish this Ravana by our own, no one going to do this for you.

Its time to wake up Lord Ram (good thoughts) and diminish Ravana (bad thoughts) inside you. Remember your thoughts will directly impact your children and people around you and you surely don’t want your children to be egoistic.

बुराई का करो अब खात्मा, करदो खत्म यह लालसा.

रावन अभी जिंदा है तुझमे, वो करेगा तेरा फैसला…

ना होने दे हावी उसे, दिखा दे उसको अपनी ताकत तू.

अच्छाई को जगा के दिखा बुराई को उसकी औकात तू…

रोशनी भरे शेहर मे, काफी अंधकार मचा है.

अब वो रावन मरना है, जो हम सबके अंदर बचा है…