Manage working from home

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Work from home can look fun but is it? It is not easy to balance both professional and personal life at same place. During working hours your family may ask you to spend some time with them. It is your responsibility to balance it and plan your schedule in a mannered way. These few tips will definitely help you in maintaining your work and life.

  • Start early in the morning

When working in an office, you wake up early and get yourself ready for the office then reach office at time. While working from home you can start early in the morning. Simply working at your projects in the morning can be the key to make progress on it gradually throughout the day.

  • No disturbance

Your all rooms may be connected with each other and to find the right place to work may be difficult. In order to get the maximum productivity, you need to find a calm place with less no or less disturbance otherwise you task will remain pending. You can also use balcony as winters are approaching so its better to take Vitamin D while working.

  • Don’t let social media affect your work

You work without any fear and no one going to shout at you at home. It doesn’t mean you can stay connected to your friends or loved one on social media. Better to logout of your accounts and login when you take a break. Don’t let it affect your productivity.

  • Get all your stuff ready for use

In morning before login get all your essential items ready at your table. Water bottle, WIFI, a notebook, pen, mobile, laptop charger and mobile charger. You can also keep coffee in thermos that will keep you active.

  • Take small breaks in between

Long sittings must be avoided. Take breaks in between specially after lunch to avoid obesity. Make a fixed time table and work accordingly in order to stay fit and get maximum productivity. Exercise daily for 30 minutes and sleep well to get rid of stress.

  • Listen to soft music while working
Work from home

Music can be a good option if you found difficulty in getting attention to your work. There is some good music to focus on YouTube which will provide you positive vibes but keep the volume to moderate it will definitely help you.

TIP: Use good quality earphones or a portable speaker.

  • Find some time to update yourself

While working from office you get the chance to learn new things and different set of solutions for your problems. While working from home you may find it difficult to find some time for new learning. But to stay updated and productive is what a company wants from you. So, find some time and keep yourself updated with new technologies.

  • Don’t be harsh on yourself

Working passionately is one thing but always find some time for yourself and your family. Take a break from work go on vacations spend some time in nature. Nurture your inner vibes and it will also affect your work in a positive way.

  • End your day with a routine

Start your day with a routine and finish it with a routine too. It will keep the required balance in your life. Shut down your computer and go for a walk or do yoga. Whatever you choose, do it consistently to mark the end of working