Coronavirus empty supermakets


According to WHO, Europe is the new coronavirus epicenter, with most reported cases and deaths across all countries, apart from China. Italy is the most affected place in Europe with more than 21,000 cases of infections. People avoiding big gatherings, stocking up goods in bulk from supermarkets in case they have to lock down, to prevent coronavirus. Most of the schools, malls, colleges have been shut down by the government authorities in case to prevent crowding because no one knows who is infected by just physical appearance of a person as it takes 2-14 days for the virus to be effective in a human body.

Consequences of COVID-19 on market

On World Consumer Rights Day, it is important to understand the rights of consumers. Not every country has all the resources which are essential for a lifestyle therefore countries import and export goods from other countries and this is how the economy develops, but due to Coronavirus, countries avoiding business.

This condition has created a shortage of goods, medicines and many essential items in the markets, taking advantage of this condition, shopkeepers charging more money than the MRP.

Masks and Hand sanitizers being the most important items, the spreading of coronavirus has pushed the prices of masks and hand sanitizers for about 50% and consumers are paying the price because of the shortage in the market. Mask which sells for 150rs were being sold for up to 500rs.

N95 mask

• It is used for Agriculture, chemical industries, fire protection brigades, food industries, medical and pharmaceutical, transportation, welding purposes.

• Protection against non-toxic and low toxicity solid aerosols shell incorporates arc-shaped ribbing, anti-deformation.

Why a surgical mask?

• According to WHO and C.D.C, people should avoid the N95 mask, use simple surgical mask only if one feel respiratory illness, cold, cough, to prevent it from spreading to others.

• The N95 mask is a valve cupped in shape, which may fit your facial arrangement or may not. People will use hands again and again to adjust and touching is not recommended by doctors.

• Mask should be used once and then thrown away because the mask can be contaminated by germs during use. People may be tempted to use it again and again, spreading the virus to other items and N95 being costly can’t be changed daily.

Hand sanitizers

• Hand sanitizer can be used when you can’t get to a sink after touching a handrail or door handle, on public transit, or using a shared item like keyboard, etc.

• The C.D.C recommends the use of hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol when you aren’t able to wash your hands. Sanitizers without alcohol should not be used.


sanitizers which claim that they can kill 99.99% germs does not mean they will protect you completely against the novel coronavirus. According to doctors washing hands with soap for 20 sec is the most effective method to get rid of COVID-19.

Supermarkets, malls are almost out of stock, people have been stocking up on goods for days. “It’s crazy. People have gone crazy,” said Alexis Coppol, a Washington, D.C. resident who was shopping at Costco. “I mean, I’m not too worried, but if we get to put on lockdown, I want to make sure I have food.”

“It’s worse because people are buying in bulk, and some people are callous enough to resell what they’re buying,” said Tevin Hunter, a sales representative at the Target in Union.

With no business, shortage of items and people buying everything in bulk, giving indications of inflation.

In India government has declared coronavirus a national disaster and will give 4 lakhs as compensation on the death of people due to the coronavirus. People claim that instead of giving money on the death of coronavirus, if the government has provided people with masks and sanitizers, then it would have been a respectful step.

Key Points

• Buy items on MRP, if someone charges you more than MRP, a complaint to consumer court.

• Use mask only if you have a cold, cough or respiratory illness.

• Wash hands with soap, only use hand sanitizers when you can’t get to a sink.

• Avoid gathering.

• Wash hands for 20 seconds before eating or touching the mouth.

• Avoid going outside if not necessary.