8 Things to Get Yourself Noticed


Here are a few of the things that you should add to your grooming routine immediately, especially if you’ve been single for a long time without any good reason.

1. Clean your nails regularly

You don’t have to necessarily go for a manicure every month, but remember to always cut, file and clean your nails. Your girl doesn’t need to find out what you had for lunch through the remains in your fingernails – you can just tell her.

2. Fresh breath, always

Even if you brush twice a day and use a mouthwash, all the not-so-exotic food items you eat throughout the day can give you stale breath. Stock your wallet with Listerine strips and mint gums to make sure you don’t make her run in the opposite direction the second you open your mouth.

3. Groom your facial fuzz

If you have a beard or a moustache, make sure it’s a conscious grooming decision. Don’t just let your facial hair grow in whichever way it pleases. Make regular trips to the salon and if not, at least get pally with your trimmer.

4. Have a great signature fragrance

There’s nothing sexier than a man who smells as great as he looks. Having a great signature fragrance adds to your personality and gives your woman a reason to want to steal your sweatshirt.

5. Have clean, stink-free feet

You don’t want her to silently die inside every time you take off your shoes, do you? Make sure you clean your feet regularly and don’t allow sweat to pile up inside your shoes, which is what causes feet to stink. Also, a nice foot-cream every now and then will do you no harm.

6. Take care of your lips

If you consider kissing to be a mutually enjoyable experience, the least you can do is not have dry and chapped lips for your woman to kiss. Make it a habit to apply lip balm and moisturize your lips every day.

7. Maintain a healthy scalp

You don’t want your girl worrying about the dandruff you could transfer to her every time she hugs you. Shampoo and condition your hair regularly and take care of the health of your scalp.

8. And every now and then, man-scape

We’re not saying you have to shave your pubes as often as you shave your face, but taking a trimmer down there every now and then is highly recommended – especially if you want things to go somewhere in the bedroom.