7 potential reasons your weight-loss plans are failing


Done with diet streaks, eating clean, and regular workout commitments, but still unable to get rid of the stubborn fat? The struggle is real. However, if such is the case, there could be some things that you’re not doing right. They could vary from dieting the wrong way to opting bad lifestyle choices.

Here are 7 potential reasons your weight-loss plans are failing.

Eating too little

A lot of people (wrongly) tend to believe that eating less or skipping meals is directly linked with losing weight. Although the thought is convenient, but our bodies don’t really work that way. In fact, health experts say that those who deliberately eat less, are more prone to overeating, later on. Hence, one should aim for healthy yet filling meals, at regular intervals.

Unmindful eating

Watching your favourite show while having a nice meal might seem like a great idea, but not so much for your health. An Irish research suggests that the eating environment plays a huge role in determining one’s attention to food.  Being distracted while eating prevents you from knowing when you’re full, thus making you prone to overeating, and ruining your weight-loss goals.

Drinking your calories

Minding your plates, but not your glasses? Not too wise!

A lot of weight-watchers pay close attention to the number of calories they’re taking in, via food, while ignoring the liquid calories they drink. Studies show that people who drink more sweetened beverages tend to have greater body weight. Also, consuming alcoholic drinks furthers your appetite. So, consider limiting them!

Poor mental health and Sleep quality

Poor Sleep: Non-diet factors could also be affecting your weight-loss regimen. Sleep deprivation, for one, can imbalance hormones that regulate hunger and satiety, thereby putting you at risk for weight gain and obesity.

Stress: Stress can hike your tendency to go for fats-infused comfort foods, and to overeat. When not feeling well emotionally, consider taking a walk or meditating, instead of stuffing-up your mouth.

An underlying health conditions

An uncommon but possible reason you’re unable to shed unwanted kilos might be an underlying health condition. Certain medical conditions lead to weight-gain. These include thyroid, bipolar disorder, menopause, among others. If you think that is the case, see your doctor, as soon as possible.