The Best Gym Equipment For Home Use To Get Your Dream Bod

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We’ve all made the resolution to get into better shape (several times), and even gone as far as to purchase expensive gym memberships, only to realise that actually going to the gym is the hardest step of all! Even if you do find the time to go to the gym, it always seems to be crammed full of people, and most of your time is wasted waiting in line to use the machine you want. What if there was a way to escape that testosterone-fueled environment, and still stay consistent with your workouts?

Well, allow us to offer an effective alternative – keeping exercise equipment around the house can help you keep your fitness journey well on track. In fact, depending on the quality of your at-home set up, you can even outshine the gym in terms of the results that you get! On that note, we’ve compiled a list of the top gym equipment for home use, so that you’ll never have to leave you awesome home gym again.

Fitness Equipment To Set Up Your Home Gym With

1. The True Mat Reversible TPE Yoga/Exercise Mat

Whether you’re doing some bodyweight exercises, going through a yoga sequence, or just stretching after a particularly gruelling workout, you need a quality yoga mat to do that on. This variant features high density cushioning for extra joint protection, alongside an anti-slip surface to ensure maximum grip as well. It’s made from eco-friendly material, and is available in several colours, so you can even choose your mat as per your personal preference.

2. Everlast PVC Jump Rope

If you’re in the market for fitness equipment to use at home, a jump rope is one of the most useful purchases you can make. Skipping serves as a great cardio workout, torching calories, building lower leg muscles, improving balance and coordination, and even enhancing cognitive skills. As one of the most useful and effective pieces of gym equipment for home use, this 9 feet long lightweight variant from Everlast would make for a great addition to your workout regime.

3. Strauss Anti-Burst Gym Ball

A stability ball is a must-try piece of equipment for home gym enthusiasts, simply because of its versatility and ease of use. It can be incorporated into almost any type of workout to challenge your body and take your fitness, particularly your core stability, to the next level. You can even replace your chair with one of these to sneak in a workout when you’re working on your computer, or even just watching TV! This particular one from Strauss is made from an extra-durable anti-burst PVC, and is available in a variety of different sizes and colours, alongside a convenient foot pump you can use to reinflate it when needed.

4. Concept2 Model D 2712 Indoor Rowing Machine

If you can afford to free up a little space somewhere in your house, a rowing machine makes for an ideal piece of home gym equipment to set up. It serves as an admirable warm up, as well as a supremely effective calorie-burning workout in its own right. If you’re focusing on building up your upper body, this variant from Concept2 is the one to go for.

5. Black Mountain Resistance Band Set

If you don’t have space in your house for a dumbbell rack, resistance bands offer a welcome alternative. This set from Black Mountain includes bands offering increasing amounts of resistance, so you can choose the appropriate option for each workout. The set also features a metal clipping system on the bands, which you can attach to soft-grip handles or ankle straps. It also includes a door anchor, carrying bag, exercise chart, and starter guide for those not familiar with how to use them.

6. Marcy Multi-Purpose Adjustable Weight Bench

An adjustable weight bench is one of the most basic gym equipment for home gyms, as it can be set to perform a variety of exercises full-body exercises. This bench from Marcy features an adjustable back pad that allows you to hit your muscles across a spectrum of angles. While it is built to withstand heavy weights, the premium padding and upholstery provide adequate support to the body for comfortable reclining and sitting. Its ergonomic design helps you make efficient movements, while the specially designed padded seat facilitates an even distribution of weight.