Hrithik Roshan Brought Back Effortless ’90s Glam With His Minimalistic Silver Embroidered Jeans


The fact that Hrithik Roshan is the best-looking actor Bollywood has ever had, shouldn’t be up for debate (notice how the sentence started with ‘the fact’). He proves it every single time he steps out in public, and of late, his fashion game has been testifying too. 

He was just spotted at the airport looking like a million bucks (as he usually does) wearing a super interesting outfit.

Hrithik wore a layered outfit comprising of a swanky maroon jacket along with black jeans, and a pair of trainers. After getting past the initial dose of ‘will you look at that man?’, when we focused on his jeans, we were hit by a massive wave of fashion nostalgia that celebrates ’90s glam.

Hrithik’s silver embroidered jeans are a testament to the fact that bling can also look sophisticated when you know how to carry it off. The pair is super versatile, which will be perfect for a runway as well.

When it comes to his overall outfit, we love the maroon jacket and the vibe it imparts. The fact that he has accessorized optimally with dark shades along with the black rings, is proof that he knows exactly what ‘less is more’ means.