5 Quick & Painless Ways To Remove Blackheads & Get A Smooth Skin


Blackheads and men’s skin have a relationship that is as ancient as modern civilisation. No matter what kind of lifestyle we lead, we are genetically hardwired to have terrible skin, which secretes, and clogs up our skin pores.

If only we could have harvested all the oil our skin secretes and put it to good use, we’re sure that the United States would never have invaded the middle-east, and we all would have enjoyed world peace.

Absurd and silly hypotheticals aside, oily skin is bound to be accompanied by blackheads, especially if we have an active lifestyle. The more you sweat out, the higher is the propensity for your pores to just open up wide and collect all that grime and dust that your sweat collects. The result is something like this.

Trust us when we say this, that this is actually the best-case scenario. Blackheads can become really gruesome, especially when not taken care of in the right manner, and especially more so when you don’t try to mitigate the factors behind it.

Now, there are a few ways that you can not just get rid of most commonly occurring instances of blackheads, but also prevent them altogether, once you get rid of them.

A Clay-based Facewash

First of all, ditch your regular facewash in favour of something that uses some sort of clay as the cleansing agent. Because clay is natural, it works really well for the skin, cleaning it thoroughly, without disturbing its pH balance. Furthermore, clay-based facewashes are usually organic and don’t have any sort of sulfates or parabens. As a result, you don’t damage your skin as you use the facewash.

Use A Good Peel Off Mask

Using a peel-off mask is the quickest way to get rid of blackheads, so if you are planning to go on a date anytime soon, keep one handy. Try to go for ones that have activated charcoal or some form of a natural detoxing agent. This not only helps with the blackheads but is a quick and easy way to get your skin glowing, and give your complexion a boost.

A Coconut Oil & Sugar

This one is definitely one of the easiest ways to go about. Just take some solid coconut oil, and add some sugar granules to it. If you can get your hands on some coarsely powdered sugar, even better. Mix them up, and you will end up with a paste, which you need to refreeze. Just stick it in the refrigerator for 10 mins, and you’ll be golden. 

Multani Clay Masks

Finally, there is the good ol’ multani clay mask. Remember how our mothers used to make a face pack using multani mitti? Multan Clay or any sort of clay for that matter has a number of benefits, which makes it one of the hottest ingredients in skincare and cosmetic products in the market today. 

Simply add some water to the clay, making a paste of it and apply on your face. Wash it off after it has dried all the way through. With regular usage, not only will your blackheads just disappear, your pores will tighten up, and will be less likely to get clogged up.

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