Abhishek Bachchan Just Outstyled KJo By Wearing The Most Elegant Suit We’ve Seen In 2019


When it comes to being extra in terms of hypebeast-y outfits, Karan Johar plays to win – unabashedly so. The same applies to Abhishek Bachchan, except he scores more goals when it comes to sarcasm and a wicked sense of humour. So, when Abhishek ended up sartorially outstyling KJo, we had to get up and take notice.

KJo and AB Jr attended an event together. While Karan was at his fashionable best, in bright electric blue relaxed (suit) overalls, Abhishek wore a Merlot-Sangria hued suit that easily qualifies as one of the most elegant suits we’ve seen in 2019.

Though we really like Karan’s oversized, chill flair, Abhishek won the game with his choice of colour. Not only is it extremely playful, sophisticated, and unusual, it’s also superbly conspicuous – which is what earned AB the brownie points.

When it comes to footwear (KJo is a part of the narrative – how can we possibly not mention footwear?) both of them scored extremely well. While we love Karan’s maximalist approach in the form of his bulky black and white sneakers, Abhishek’s subdued but unusual choice of footwear made sure that his outfit got an extra bit of perfect, sophisticated edge.