People Are Boycotting Nike For Allegedly Writing ‘Allah’ On The Sole Of Air Max Shoes


Fashion pervades everything. However, sometimes, when it does cross a line (which is often, due to its omnipresence, because of its very nature), sentiments can be hurt easily. Especially when ultra-sensitive elements such as religion or nationalism is concerned, emotions can run high because even unintentional things can be perceived to be deliberate. 

The latest example of this is the curious case of Nike being boycotted, and several petitions being signed because it allegedly wrote the word ‘Allah’ on the sole of its Air Max 270 shoes.

Thousands of Muslim customers signed an online petition asking to boycott Nike because the logo on the sole of Air Max 270s allegedly invokes the name of God. When turned upside down, a part of the logo looks like the word ‘Allah’ written in Arabic – which of course will be trampled on, soiled, and kicked because of being on the sole of a shoe.

Nike, however, has asserted that the resemblance was unintentional and that it did not mean to offend any religious sentiments whatsoever.

Interestingly, Nike had experienced it in the past as well, when it got embroiled in a similar controversy in 1997, regarding the pattern of its flames.