5 Ultimate Places For Street Food In Mumbai


Mumbai’s streets offer a wide range of cuisines that cater to its massive population. Given the diverse communities that reside in the city, the category of cuisines that are available to pamper your taste buds are infinite. From Mumbai’s special vada pav to the spicy and crunchy bhelpuri that is famous across the country, there are all kinds of dishes to give you the thrill. These are some of the places you need to visit to try the best of street food in Mumbai.

Anand Stall, Vile Parle West

Located opposite Mithibai College, Anand Stall is well-known for its vada pavs. The vadas are made of a rich mixture of garlic, chillies and coriander, that is dipped in chickpea flour and fried till it turns golden. The resultant filling is placed inside the pav and served to be relished by more than thousands of customers per day. The additional plate with salted green chillies is also quite a spice burst. Anand Stall is also known to serve 50 varieties of dosas, Cheese Dosa being the most popular at this outlet. 

What to have: Schezwan Cheese Grill Vada Pav, Cheese Sada Dosa, Paneer Cheese Dosa, Open Cheese Mysore Dosa

Perfect for: Takeaway Only, Vegetarians, Budget Eats

Bademiya, Colaba

Bademiya follows a secret family recipe that has been passed on for generations. The open-air kitchen on wheels, is well-known for its Chicken Tikka Rolls that are perfect for quick bites as well a good snack to be savoured with your group. They prepare the finest seekh kebabs that have a huge fan following. Bademiya is the top pick for late night street food in Mumbai. Visit this place and their kebabs will leave you impressed.

What to have: Chicken Tikka Rolls, Baida Roti, Seekh Paratha, Kebabs

Perfect for: Late Night Cravings 

Olympia Coffee House, Colaba

Colaba’s very own local spot for the first meal of the day, Olympia Coffee House can be located from its crowd. Situated opposite the famous Leopold Café, it is famous for its version of fried minced meat served with mops of bread. The Masala Kheema is prepared in their signature style and you must try it to believe it. A cup of coffee is the best way to gulp your meal down. 

What to have: Kheema Pav

Perfect for: Breakfast

Amar Juice Center, Vile Parle

The Bombay Sandwich is a dish that is close to the city and its people, given that it carries the name of the city in its title. If you thought street food in Mumbai is all about unhealthy eating, this dish will prove you wrong. The special sandwich is made of cucumber, potato, tomato, onion, beetroot, capsicum, chutney and cheese. Everything is well-placed within two slices of white bread. There are customisable versions for picky eaters as well.

What to have: Bombay Sandwich 

Perfect for: Quick Bites

Gulati’s Sweets and Snacks, Andheri East

Getting access to Punjabi snacks in Mumbai isn’t a task if you’ve tried the samosas and chole bhatureat Gulati’s. Located next to the popular Sher-e-Punjab, their delicious dishes will remind you of Delhi’s street food. The samosas have the same filling as their Northern counterpart and the sweet and spicy chutney will tickle your taste buds. The chole bhature have the same amount of spice and crispness and are equally delicious.

What to have: Samosa, Chole Bhature 

Perfect for: Sweet Cravings, Quick Bites