Best Road Trips in India That You Must Take


We skim through the annals of our massive country and bring to you the twenty five best road trips in India that you should take at least once in your lifetime. Is Ready, Set, Go your mantra for most weekends? Have you found a motorbike and the countryside to be your calling? Then this is your poisoned chalice!

Mumbai to Pune Expressway : Distance – 94 Kms

An easy weekend getaway from Pune/Mumbai, a road trip to Lonavala is something that almost all local residents will swear by. Dont forget to savor ‘chikki’ in Lonavala. The picturesque surroundings and lush green foliage are great at calming those jittery nerves. So if you are in the region and planning to take a road trip look no further. Put the medal on the pedal, and get cracking! 
Duration: 2 to 3 hours 
Road Trip Guide: The expressway is 94 Kms long and considered one of the best road trips in India. Two-wheelers are allowed on old Mumbai-Pune Highway (which is in really good shape) while cabs and buses ply on the Mumbai-Pune expressway. Sunny Da Dhaba and The Kinara Village Dhaba are good eating options on the Pune-Lonavala stretch.


Manali to Leh Highway : Distance – 479 Kms

The beauty of the road trip in India from Manali to Leh cannot be captured in words. Remember Kareena Kapoor dancing to ‘Yeh Ishq Hai’ from Jab We Met? Wouldn’t it be fun to cruise along that road in all its snowy glory on an open jeep or a Bullet? Ah! So Pretty! 
Duration: 2 days 
Road Trip Guide: It spans a length of 479 km with a mean altitude in between 3 to 4 km above sea level. The road is open for about 5 months a year mostly during summers and mid-October. The journey takes about 2 days with one stopover for rest and acclimatisation.

Chennai to Pondicherry : Distance – 151 Kms

This is one of the most beautiful roads for travelling on a cruiser motorbike. Chetan Bhagat wrote about it, and rightfully so. The Sea on one side of the road is a sight to behold as the day grows. The changing reflections of the Sun on the water as the day advances makes it most beautiful road around Chennai and probably India will leave you feeling thoroughly satisfied. Be prepared for a lot of Photography sessions while on the road! 
Duration: 3 hours 
Road Trip Guide: This stretch of road is known as the East Coast road. This route passes through Mahabalipuram (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Kalpakkam (nuclear facility), Idaikkazhinadu (Alamparai Fort aka Alambara Fort), Mudaliarkuppam (with a cool boat house and water sport facility), Marakkanam (famous for large salt pans) etc.

Bangalore to Bandipur Forest : Distance – 220 Kms

One cannot put forward a list of awesome road trips in India without accounting for one that is taken along a forest. The Bandipur Forest route to Bangalore is one of the most beautiful trips through forests in India, that you’ll ever take. One can take the same road to Ooty from Mysore passing though Bandipur National Park. Have a road trip with friends in a car with a sunroof, singing all the way. You might spot deer nonchalantly crossing the road. There’s no better manner of paying your respects to this charming highway! 
Duration: 4 hours to 5 hours 
Road Trip Guide: Running along the scenic Mysore Road, the distance is about 220 Kms. There are various places for stopovers and eating along the route including McDonalds and Cafe Coffee Day.

Kolkata to Digha : Distance – 183 Kms

Kolkata to Digha- Bellisimo! Any Kolkatan will swear by this road journey, Most of them have taken it at least 4 times during their lifetime. There’s a reason to, too! The road is basic and pleasing, great for revving up your vehicles, lined with green patches all throughout. Digha is a favourite weekend trip option for many East Indians for its short and sweet appeal. Walk along the beach or ride a pony in the shallow waters, two days here will take your mind off things and let you relax. 
Duration: 4 hours 
Road Trip Guide: This route in India is dotted with plenty of Dhabas, so eating along the route isn’t a problem. The road stretches for over 180 kilometres and travel time is almost 3 hours. Enjoy the delightful drive, clicking snaps all the way!