Exercise decreases depression

Health experts have long insisted that the benefits of exercising daily are multiple. Besides helping you stay fit, exercising daily also helps regulate mood as it is said to release stress-busting hormones. A new research study by Massachusetts General Hospital has reaffirmed the belief that exercise may help alleviate symptoms of depression. The study published […]

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How to Cure Cancer ?

Israeli Scientists Have Developed A Cure For Cancer, Which Is 100% Effective & Coming By 2020 A medical breakthrough from Israel can effectively cure cancer, the deadly disease that kills millions of people around the world every year. A small team of Israeli scientists is claiming to have developed a 100% cancer cure like never […]

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You must eat these proteins to gain muscle mass: Whey protein Whey protein is one of the two proteins found in dairy products. Whey makes up 20% of the protein found in milk and other dairy products. It is a major protein for muscle building as it is absorbed quickly and causes a fast spike in […]

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