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So much of going grey is about acceptance. And if you want to pray the grey away, the best way to do it is to dye it or trim it—but never to pluck it. Plucking your hairs is much more damaging to the follicle, whereas dyeing it will primarily compromise the shaft of the hair. As new hair grows, the shaft will revive itself. But it’s that follicle you want to be good to, since the end goal isn’t to have less hair. (Once you’re fully grey, you’re going to appreciate each and every hair you have, so don’t go murdering the first few to show up.) Alternatively, you can snip them shorter if you just want to remove them from sight, and since dyeing a single strand of hair seems a bit melodramatic.


You’re still a long way from mirroring Anderson Cooper, but now might be a good time to switch out your shampoo and conditioner. If you swap in something with brightening qualities, it will ensure that any grey hairs you do have—even those few and far between—stay vibrant. In other words, they’ll look more silvery than dull. Then, as your greys grow in number, you’ll already be in the habit of brightening these hairs, with no inverse effects on your naturally blonde, red, brown, or black hair.


It’s too soon for a dye job, but it’s suddenly something you’re considering. If you just have a few small patches, you can spot-colour by matching your tone with the various drugstore options, like the spectrum of tones from Just for Men. Or, once it’s a little saltier and pepper-ier, consider something which more gradually colours the greys, so that it’s a subtler blend into your natural colour, one that people won’t notice from one day to the next.

Though, once you have more greys than not, it’s time to embrace the change—unless you are content with people noticing the dye jobs.


One hair styling product that is criminally under-appreciated is hair oil. It softens and relaxes the hair, which will be good for the wirier grey hairs as they spring up. It also gives you a healthy sheen that, again, will prevent dullness in any greys, making them appear more silver and healthy. You can add a drop or two to your exiting styler if you usually wear shorter styles, or you can use it on its own in longer styles as a taming agent—still, just a few drops, warmed in the palms, will suffice.

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