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How PM Modi’s “Janata Curfew” will be impactful over Coronavirus?


The number of infected people in India due to Coronavirus increasing with days, 57-cases were reported yesterday, the most in one day. According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, there are 271 Confirmed cases while writing this article. 23 has been recovered and 248 are undergoing treatment.

Indian government continuously taking steps to prevent any outbreak like other countries. The steps include shutting down of malls, shops, schools, public transport and continue screening at airports. The government has requested private firms to make their employees work from home. 

Still, the number of cases increasing but not at a rapid speed like other countries, for god sake. Watching this, PM Modi has requested all the Indian citizens to take part in “Janata Curfew” for one day on 22 March 2020 and specifically requested senior citizens to stay at home because it affects senior citizens the most.

social distancing

Janata Curfew

It is a curfew which is: “of the people, for the people, and by the people”

  1. PM Modi requested all the people to stay at home on 22 March 2020.
  2. Janata curfew will start at 7 am to 9 pm this Sunday.
  3. PM has requested state governments and organizations to encourage people to follow “Janata Curfew
  4. He urged everyone to call at least 10 people and tell them about “Janata Curfew”
  5. People working in essential services such as police, media, home delivery, medical services, firefighting and serving the nation, etc will not need to take part in the “Janata Curfew”
  6. PM Modi urged citizens to stand in the balconies at 5 PM on 22nd March and clap for five minutes to express gratitude for their continuous service.

Testing Kits

Maharashtra is the most affected state due to COVID-19 then comes Kerala with 40 cases. India performing less than 1000 tests per day, due to the presence of a smaller number of testing kits. Government of India has ordered for COVID-19 testing kits to an Ahmedabad based firm,” CoSara Diagnostics Pvt Ltd.

Benefits of “Janata Curfew”

Benefits of janata curfew

Janata Curfew is like a mock drill, to get India ready for a third level outbreak of COVID-19. 

A countrywide social distancing will help in bringing a stop to the chain of Coronavirus. The daily number of cases is increasing, as citizens involving in activities with each other. 

Self-isolation for a single day could bring a stop to the increasing numbers of infected cases. The main motive of Janata Curfew is to avoid gatherings and keep the face to face contact as less as possible. 

At home, avoid sharing utensils, towels, cups and wash hands regularly after any activity. 

Use mask and change mask after 6-8 hours of use, then dispose of it at a proper place.     

In case if symptoms arise, inform the nearest hospital or call 011-23978046.

The coronavirus is in the second phase and no one wants that it could proceed to the third phase, if it does, then there will be an outbreak like other countries and that would be very drastic.

Many countries have been quarantining people at home and imposing fines in case someone breaches the orders. India has been quite successful in restricting the spread of infection as compared to other countries. Don’t forget its population and density of people per square km.