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From ancient times yoga has been considered to be one of the most powerful for gaining control over your body and mind. A very effective way to release stress, increasing mental strength and stability. The present lifestyle of people making them concern about their health. Everyone wants to be healthy and fit and for this, they are heading towards most effective ancient methods. Yoga is one of the methods we will discuss in this blog.

SHIVA : The Real founder

On this auspicious day of Mahashivratri, we will talk about SHIVA as the ADIYOGI,the real founder of yoga. SHIVA controls all the key points of yoga i.e body, mind & consciousness. Shiva taught the entire universe about meditation, as it is only way to connect with our inner soul. Meditation provides shiva all the immense yogic powers that helps him to take care of the universe. At MOUNT KAILASH, he remains sit at one place and keeps meditating which kept him away from all the unwanted desires and by this he can concentrate all his energy towards knowing our self and focus on the betterment of the universe. As Natraj, his dance and gesture also reflect yoga postures. As Dakshinamurthy, he teaches about power of a silent mind. It has said that shiva first imparted his knowledge of yoga to Parvati, his spouse and then to the sapta rishis who passed their knowledge to the rest of the world. This immense power to control your desires and focus all the energy towards the better of yourself can make you achieve whatever you want in your life. This story below will tell you what you can achieve if you mind is set and focused towards your goals.

Lord shiva Meditating


Baba Ramdev is considered to be one of the most powerful and respectful yoga gurus in India. It has been said that he was paralyzed when he was two years old, but later cured by practicing yoga. It took him 20 years to attain mastery in all the yoga moves. “People who teach yoga generally start with tough postures and positions that make people think yoga is very difficult. But the case is just the reverse. Yoga is very easy to perform. Anybody can perform yoga, be it while walking or sitting in office or even when lying on the bed. Teaching yoga through easy ways is the special art that I possess,” Ramdev asserted. If do it in the right way, you can keep yourself away from the most common problems at present.

List of problems that can be cured by adapting yoga in daily routine:

Heart attack, kidney disease, Diabetes, Liver problems, Depression, Migraine, Back pain, Arthritis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and many more.

Baba Ramdev Yog Guru

A 17 years old boy RAHUL who belongs to Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh has set an example for millions of people by recording his name in Golden book of world records & Yoga book of world records. 5 years ago he decided to live his passion which was dancing. Every day after schooling he went for dancing classes and for more help in gaining mastery in different dancing styles he took help from YouTube. After some months he took part in a state-level dancing competition that was Dance Himachal Dance in 2015 where he was awarded as the winner of that season. It was just the beginning of his journey as he was focused on his goals and his hard work and dedication were going to make him achieve what he thought off. After that, he goes on winning many dancing competitions in which he took part. Below is the list of dancing competitions where he was declared as the winner:

Rahul Performing At Kangra Utsav
  3. HIMACHAL STARS – 2017
Rahul Performing On Reality Show

After getting the fame he was invited to various programs as a guest. Can you imagine that?? This is what success looks like. But it was just the beginning.

He attended:

  1. Junoon dance finally
  2. Awaz-e-shahpur
  3. Hunrbaaz Himachal Pradesh
  4. Kangra Utsav
  5. Himachal got talent

                                                     And many more as a guest of honor. What a proud moment this could be for a father. Right?

This didn’t end here.

When he already doing so much of hard work with this dedication then he thought of taking it to another level by joining yoga classes under Acharya Mr. RANJEET SIR for gaining more flexibility that would help him in performing dance moves with more ease. After 15 days of training, he shattered the world records. Who thought his dedication will gift him with creating a world record in that field which he joined just for becoming better in dancing. It proves that if you do any work with full dedication no one in this world can stop you from achieving what you deserve.

world records are listed below:

  1. Most performance of chakradand i.e 58 times in 1 minute.

For this achievement, his name was recorded in GOLDEN BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS.

For Longest Performance Of Ustrasana

2. Performing Ustrashana (Camel pose) for 44 mins.

Last moments of 44 mins long Ustrasana

For this achievement, his name was recorded in YOGA BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS.

For Most Performance Of Chakradand

 He is a wonder boy. Isn’t he???

 He went on achieving several awards for his passion and hard work.

The awards he received further :

Asia Excellence Award
Rahul Performing At Delhi
  1. On 13 Dec 2019, he received ASIA EXCELLENCE AWARD from Mr. ANURAG THAKUR.
  2. Allamban world social achiever award by Mr. YOGRAJ SHARMA
Allamban Award

3. Most popular award by HIM TV

On 15 March 2020, he has been invited to Jaipur for receiving SHAN-e-INDIA awards which will be presented by Mr. RAJAA MURAAD Ji.

we talked to his father and he is very overwhelmed with his son’s achievements and he wants him to continue his journey in this field but the sad part is they didn’t get any financial support from the state government. This is not the first time that a talent is being ignored by the government. Rahul has achieved so much with his hard work and still wants to continue his journey but they are ignoring some platforms where he can make state and country proud just because of lack of resources. His future goal is to take his country to world level in yoga and dancing but without any financial support, it is not possible for a middle-class family to took such load. A famous saying is INSPIRATION STRIKES ANYTIME ANYWHERE that is why we must support this type of talent which is still hidden among us so that their dreams never die and achieve whatever they want in their life. Who knows one day they will become an inspiration for millions & that will be a proud moment for you as well.

Some yoga postures by Rahul: