Airport looks that seem to have become a thing now over here in B-town, are just one of those things you either love or hate. I mean if you’re going to be on a long flight, don’t wear a 3 piece suit. It’s foolish. But leave it to sartorial rule-breaker—Ranveer Singh to do everything that is not normal. Like he was recently spotted at the airport, arriving from London, looking mega-sharp in a navy blazer that he paired with a white button down, worn under an Adidas Originals sweat-shirt and checkered trousers that fit like they were made just for the dude. Stylist, Nitasha Gaurav completed the look with pristine white lace up sneakers and some Malo sunglasses (that we’re currently lusting over!) 

We especially love the layering of the button down under the sweatshirt. Major ‘I’m out golfing with my dudes’ vibe. Layering as a trend is meant to be practical yet still maintaining the style quotient of your outfit, and in my mind, Nitasha and Ranveer have managed to do just that. 

We’ve got to say, we love the combination of athleisure with business casuals, making this a case of business athleisure. And not to mention this shift from eccentric prints and bold color is quite the welcome change. We’re pleasantly surprised! 

Lads, if you too are obsessing over layering this season, here’s a couple of tips to get you started.

1. Don’t wear too many bright colors together. You don’t want to walk around giving people epileptic attacks. 

2. Make sure everything you’re wearing can be worn individually. Don’t get a piece that depends on another one to be paired with. 

3. Make sure outer hems are longer than inner ones. If you’re throwing a sweater over a button down, make sure your sweater is longer than your shirt. 

4. And finally, unless you’re Ranveer Singh, print on print on print is JUST not your thing!