Often considered to be one of the most underrated elements of your attire, the shoes you wear go a long way in making you look stylish, trendy and fashion-forward. After all, if you accentuate your ensemble with the right pair of shoes, you’ll be able to make a lasting (and fashionable) impression. But ensuring your shoes add up to your style statement, and don’t take away from it, has as much to do with the type of shoes you’re wearing as it does with how you maintain them. After all, if you don’t take care of your shoes, and start wearing ones that show clear signs of dust, dirt, wear and tear, the only thing those shoes will achieve is making you look like a hobo. So on that note, here are five basic tips to follow that’ll help you take care of your shoes. 

Ensure You Clean Them Properly, Depending On Their Material 

You might have the best Adidas running shoes, the best Nike running shoes or even the best Puma running shoes in your collection, but if you don’t clean them properly, the only thing you’ll ensure is that they won’t last long. And how you clean your shoes solely depends on one factor – the type of material they are made of. So if you have canvas shoes, cleaning them with a wet cloth or sponge is the way to go. Alternatively, suede shoes require protective sprays to be cleaned and if you own leather shoes, then you need to use a leather conditioner to clean them. 

Make Sure You Spray New Shoes With A Waterproof Protector

Regardless of what the weather forecasters might have you believe, there is absolutely no accounting for Indian weather and its unpredictability. As such, if you see dark clouds in the sky, don’t shy away from spraying your shoes (especially if they happen to be brand new) with a waterproof protector.  

Make Sure You Stock Up On Sock Liners 

While we try to protect our shoes from any damage from the outside (such as rains and dust), we often end up forgetting about the damage that can be caused from the inside. The sweat and perspiration from your feet can leave nasty stains inside your shoes – especially if they are made of canvas. In fact, if you’re using running shoes, then you’re guaranteed to sweat from your feet. As such, stocking up on sock liners ends up being highly advisable. 

When Not Using Them, Make Sure You Store Your Shoes Properly

It’s not just good enough to take care of your shoes when you’re about to go out wearing them, you also have to make sure that you properly store them when you’re not using them. In fact, most shoes end up getting damaged because they are not stored in the correct and proper manner. So when storing your own shoes, you need to keep three things in mind – make sure you keep them off the floor, ensure that you don’t store them in wire racks and try to use shoe boxes to store them in. 

Be Extra Careful With White Shoes 

While all shoes you possess – regardless of their colour or type – need to be taken care of, you need to be extra careful when it comes to white shoes. White, after all, gets easily dirty and is more prone to showing off stains and marks. So make sure you pay extra attention to the white shoes in your collection because, while you might have splurged a fortune owning the best white sneakers for men, it’ll all go to waste if you don’t take proper care of them. 

Pro tip: You can use white polish to cover minuscule marks, a toothbrush to clean dust or dirt particles, and bleach for cleaning larger stains. Also, always keep a wet cloth handy.